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Coronavirus Updates

We understand this is a time of appropriate concern and taking precautions vs panic regarding the Coronavirus. Please read carefully the measures which we are taking. Please find Coronavirus Updates here.


COVID-19 Chamber Message

We just want you to know this message is coming from our Licensed, Mental Health Professionals. Please read the message here.

Here are the three exercise and the purpose of these exercises is to reduce the amount of time you spend each day worrying.
Journal & Replace self-defeating thoughts
What is good about me and my life
Worry Time


Statement of Solidarity and Access to Mental Health Services

In times of challenge and change, we can look to each other. No matter our race, religion, gender, or nationality, we all have one thing in common. We are human. As such, we have more similarities than differences. Please read the message here.

C&FC can provide you with tools and resources to better equip you and support your overall health, functioning and work-life success. Our goal is to train you to be your own counselor and coach, and have an accurate roadmap to be at your best, and to thrive-through your life!

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Why Us?

Initially we help you to heighten awareness and management of problems or symptoms. Then, we guide you to thrive-through your life-trials and measure your progress and outcomes with you.

Decades of Experience

We’ve built a significant business and 5-star reputation, by helping a lot of VIP’s with their Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Hygiene.

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Your life-voyage is unique! You are the expert on you! We actively listen and comprehensively assess each individual to provide you with custom recommendations on your treatment.

We Practice What We Prescribe

Ours is a faith-based, family business, focused on your best family outcomes. Our best clinical practices work for our family as well!

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Jennifer, Michael and all CFC Professionals are here to help you discover your own road to best health and whole-life success with proven effective tools.

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