Spirituality at Work


It’s important to look for and find hope and happiness in whatever we do. Without happiness or hope, we can feel depleted. When we connect to anything larger than ourselves, as in God, we can feel satisfaction and fulfillment. We also tend to find our lives to be purposeful.

That something we connect with can be God, or a higher-power. It could also be the good in humanity (if you find yourself just getting started with your spirituality. Whatever you call it, believing in your own spirituality can help you find your way in a world with sickness, life-trials and death. Let’s face it, life is tough for all of us regardless, and problems in life don’t discriminate.

Most people think you must belong to an organized religion—like a church or synagogue, to find your spiritual connection. Becoming part of a religious community is a good way to meet people with similar beliefs, but it’s not the only place to find a spiritual life.

Look beyond what you see…

You can find spirituality it in prayer, meditation, or volunteerism that has a spiritual side. Others find peace in the arts, in musicor nature. You probably know someone who loves the sound of the ocean waves or of a coworker laughing. Maybe you play relaxation and meditation-type music to bring yourself into a spiritual state on your lunch hour or in between appointments.

When your life has meaning and purpose, you have the strength to weather the storms and manage your life-journey. You are more likely to make good choices than to avoid the slippery-slope of stress-related problems, addiction, marital, family and co-worker problems.

Rest, reset & refresh…

Find some time in your busy work-day to focus on what’s good about you and your life. What do you have to be thankful for?Are you generally healthy? Was someone kind to you?

You can’t really see the good stuff in life if you are stressed, so try to tune it out. Clearing your mind of all thoughts is known as meditation, and meditation can be done at work. Imagine you are at a non-work setting such as a beach or on vacation watching a sunset. Try to see the colors, hear the sounds, and feel the wind. Setting aside a few moments a day to do rhythmic breathing and to escape stress, will help you handle any less-spiritual times of your work- day.

Here are some easy ways to build a spiritual side to your life:

  • Journal your thoughts and feelings (writing tends to focus thought and motivate action).
  • Pray or take time each day to sit quietly and think about what’s meaningful about your life.
  • Feed your mind with inspiring information and experiences.
  • Try to see where you fit in the big picture of life around you.
  • Listen to any music that allows you to think and feel relaxed.
  • Seek out colleagues and mentors who make your life better.

Benefits of Spirituality in your work/life…

Research has shown that people who practice their spiritual life at work are less likely than others to get sick and more likely to be resilient, when they do become ill.

When you are part of a bigger universe, you value yourself and your colleagues more. You see how important it is to protect your body and soul from people and activities that could be harmful you. You are less likely to self-medicate or engage in other self-harming behaviors.

When you work with others toward a positive goal, such asa food driveor helping-out with a charity, you get a new perspective on your own life journey. Your own problems may not seem so insurmountable. You may also make some new friends to share your own important experiences with along the way.


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