Most medical insurance plans cover mental health and behavioral health/addictions counseling, for both in and out-of-network medical expenses. Corporate & Family Counseling, PLLC charges a fee at the time of service provision. At each month’s end, we do all the work for you to electronically submit your insurance billing for your reimbursement. We provide you with a copy for your medical expense records and tax deductions.

Most patients are reimbursed 60% of our reasonable, customary fees, and according to your out-of-network benefits.

Note: CFC provides supervision of less-experienced, providers. There is typically a significant difference in the quality of care and the length of treatment with less experienced, in-network providers. CFC will measure your progress with you, so that you can realize outcomes as quickly as possible, saving you time and cost.

An accurate assessment will allow us to determine a diagnosis and a forecast of the most effective treatment. We will also set up goals and a treatment plan, which, if followed, should provide more successful results in the short-term. Active participation on your part includes:

  • Expressing yourself honestly
  • Openly asking for and accepting help in the form of feedback
  • Questioning ideas that you disagree with or do not understand
  • Implementing new strategies discussed in therapy

These are just a few of many key components of the therapy process which help determine progress toward your best health and life. Many patients begin to notice positive changes within one to three visits.

Gains in therapy should certainly be sustainable as long as you maintain a good routine and “Mental Health Hygiene”. You’re not required to return to therapy in the future, however, after an initial course of treatment, many patients of CFC come back periodically for a “tune-up”. Think of mental health follow-up as maintenance and prevention of common issues, like you would with your dentist or primary care physician.

The name Corporate & Family Counseling, PLLC was born from the realization that many of us are quite willing to “trade up” to highly-personalized services previously offered only to VIPs, when barriers to this type of treatment are removed.

Anyone who chooses to call CFC for an appointment receives high quality specialty medical care, expert attention and treatment.

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